Gary Deutsch, CPA MBA, CMA, CIA, CBA 

Gary Deutsch is known as the “chief risk investigator,” a role he relishes almost as much as training others in the reduction of risk in financial matters. Whether your own journey is in banking, small business, or the nonprofit sector, he offers you the tools and wisdom from his deep and wide experience in these fields, to advance how others manage successful and well-regulated businesses.


Troubled Debt Restructuring Accounting: Determining When It Applies and When It Doesn't

GAAP accounting provides a consistent method to recognize and document loan impairments. This self-study course guides financial institutions through GAAP compliance to support regulatory examinations and external audits.  

Loan Portfolio Management During COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has upended loan growth plans for 2020 after the mandatory closure of many businesses.  This self-study course discusses how loan portfolio managers must revise plans to mitigate losses while generating income from performing portfolios. 

Strategic Planning to Boost Profits

During this self-study course, we discuss best practices for financial managers to use in developing a profit-making strategic plan backed up by a realistic company budget that your staff can buy into for all to succeed.

Understanding Nonprofit Financials and Fund Accounting

During this self-study course, we will discuss nonprofit financial management in a manner meant to give nonprofit managers the tools they need to carry out their organization's mission.  

Financial Forecasts and Projections

During this self-study course, we discuss how financial forecasts and projections can benefit companies both in the short and longer-term, and how to ensure that these statements are properly prepared to achieve your desired results. 


Taming Risk 

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